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Hai everyone sorry ive been mia i just went back to school on the 19th YAY so excited. I’m determined to do amazingly this time!!! I’m going to school for massage therapy so if you have any advice or questions dont be shy <3


Hai guys I’m in major need of some support. Any that you could send me way would be greatly appreciated =/

March Goals

-To burn 400+ calories (in one work out) at Curves by the end of the month

-Lose 5 pounds

-Lose at 5+ inches

-Get back to being optimistic

-Not break down when i start school (starting March 19th)

-Eat 5 times a day

-Post more original posts on tumblr

-Talk to my followers more


FITBLRS!!!! I need more inspiration and original posts! I always follow back healthy blogs <3

So; latte, midol, baby sized hand cream, chocolate (dark), working out and jordan cuddles… if im still pmsing tonight thats a world destruction situation =|

Reach Out?

Hello all. I’ve been having a REALLY tough last few days AND my period is now here to make things more intense. I feel like breaking down and giving up on everything! Like I will never be able to reach my goals. I can’t find the energy to be positive or optimistic lately, and i was doing so well with that for months. I could REALLY use some help from you all. PLEASE!!!!


BAAAAAHHH im slacking SO bad im so siiiick :( gotta SUCK IT UP!!! RRRRRRR

My Saturday Horror

Caution! Don’t read if you aren’t prepared.

SO Me and my mom started off Saturday trying to set up an account for curves complete got lost looking for the curves location was late for our appointment and when we got there… their computers weren’t working >=|. Then on the drive home i noticed a squirrel rolling in a snow bank (thinks to herself) *when did squirrels start playing in the snow?*. So i turn around to see if it is ok… yea it wasn’t. It had been fit and couldn’t use its back legs :(. i wanted to bring it to our town vet either so it could be put out of its misery or helped. I thought maybe it’d be ok if looked after. My mom grabbed a towel and a toat bag out of the trunk. I picked it up with the towel and proceeded to try to put it in the bag for transport. I thought that it was squirming to get down when really it was out for flesh (poor thing was terrified =’(  ). It found my knuckle with its teeth and went riiiight to the bone, I don’t blame him. I’ve never bled so much. My poor mom ended his pain </3 made me bawl i felt so horrible that she had to do that…. ROUGH weekend RIP little squirrel </3 </3 </3

I HATE cars and hat they have done to nature :(


Natural cold remedies?

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